How to Draw Cars – Facebook Fan a Pro in 2 weeks!

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Every once in a while you wonder whether what you do ever makes a difference to anyone that is interested in drawing cars or really serious about learning the craft of drawing.  It’s normal to doubt your own message from time to time because though many see the free tutorials and appreciate it, you don’t really know whether someone acts on it.

I have been thrilled to see students, professionals and hobbyist post their work on the DM fanpage.  Though there are many,  I must say with pride, that I found at least one man, Carlos Marrero, that has taken to heart all the tools available to him to bring out talents that he never knew existed.  An architect by profession, Carlos, like many of you who loves cars, has always dreamed of becoming an automotive designer.  After joining the DM site, he took his drive,  determination,  discipline, and acted on it by drawing everyday!

After watching all the videos, he took his passion seriously enough to focus and act accordingly.  Carlos is an outstanding example of what you can do with laser focus and discipline.  See the before and after paintings that Carlos had created.

Let’s check out where Carlos started and where he ended up as he went through a roughly 2 week sketching grind to hone his skills.  Carlos used all the free videos that DM had to offer and used the “draw what you see not what you know” technique which was explained in this video to start looking and relating objects as a series of color, shape, value change, and texture.

Shown here are some line drawings of several different views.  Carlos does a nice job of being able to explore some shapes and just start practicing different views.

After the line sketches, Carlos hit us up with this image!  One of his first digital paintings for a Dodge Charger Concept car.  I was really impressed considering it was one of his first images using digital tools.  It’s not easy getting used to a new medium but the take away here is that he kept at it and continued to invest more time.

Now here is where Carlos hard work really paid off.  For the next 10-12 days, he started to work on more digital paintings, experimenting and trying different brushes using a software called “Painter.”  After watching the “draw what you see” video, he picked up on a couple important factors.  When using digital tools and looking at photo reference, it is not necessary to see the cars as they are but only what yous see, which is a collection of value, shape, textures, and colors.  Here are the results!

I mean…WOW! What a difference!  All you have to do is relate to the objects in simple terms and not get caught up into the details.  Squinting your eyes will help you to remove the details and see the images as values, shapes, and colors.

In addition to all this, Carlos started to develop and document his process with which to execute.  This is evident in the above picture.  What you should get out of this, is how an individual thinks through his steps and make sense of what his end goal is.  Understanding and coming up with a process is very important to develop solid problem solving skills whether it be for illustration or design purposes.

BAM!!  Check out the Shelby!  This is just juice!  Once again…Carlos does a great job with the details.  He captures the speed, colors, and proportions pretty well!  The textures that he chose for the digital rendering also give it a sort of analog “canson” paper texture feel to it.

The Ferrari series above is by far one of my favorite!  Great combination with the colors.  The composition is pretty simple but tells you the story and gives the audience some cool action shots!

I gotta say that I am pretty proud to have fan members on the site that can deliver like this!  It’s not to say there are no mistakes…but the point is there is improvement from where he started to where he is now.

The other important factor that I may add is the strong supportive community that has been growing within the DM fanpage!  All the members are supportive and encouraging.  Tactfully giving advice, and helping their fellow mavens to improve their craft.  You can say that it is almost like a school environment where the greater community has a vested interest to encourage each other to excel and perform their best.  So Carlos has all of you to thank for that ;)

Here is what Carlos said of his experience with DM and the fanbase!  Thanks for the outstanding feedback Carlos!

“Finding and joining the Driven Maven fanpage has been a GREAT experience for me.  I’ve watched alot of video tutorials and always enjoy looking at other artist’s work on the web.  Arvind and the group at Driven Mavens are very accessible, really helpful and always seem to provide great critiques & commentary. It happens to all of us…you kind of hit a point with your work and you desperately need some feedback.  If you’re an enthusiast like me and not a professional Transportation Designer, you just don’t have the necessary resources to explore new techniques – you end up designing in a vacuum.  Being able to post the work at varying stages and get constructive feedback is a critical part of the learning process.  I can honestly say, Driven Mavens has really helped me progress along with my work.  I find that the critiques are very thorough and highly personalized…there’s always somebody who can help or point you in the right direction.  Because the group is comprised of professionals, artists and designers, there’s a wealth of real world experience at Driven Mavens.  I would definitely recommend  joining the Driven Mavens fanpage to anyone that is interested in improving their sketching, drawing & painting skills. Thank you so much for all the help, tips and inspiration that you guys have provided me over the past year…keep up the great work, God Bless and Happy Sketching!”

 Your Fellow Maven,
Carlos Marrero

Bottom line is you have to put in the hard work.  So if you are frustrated with the lack of results, you must ask yourself this? Are you putting the time and effort it takes to be better than ever?  Only you can decide.

If any of you have used a particular technique that you learned from one of our videos, let me know and I will be glad to bring attention to it!  Now sharpen up those pencils and go to work! ;)

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